It's all about the ending, a little bit of what happens in the middle, and a lot less of where it all began...

Sometimes a day can teach a lot about life, might also change the perspective of looking at it. Today was one such day. Not only did it teach me to ignore the darkness of the past but it also taught me to take each day as it comes, for we never know what is waiting for us in the moments to come.

Well, I happened to have completed a year in my present work place.And while it is an important day for me, it also happened to have started in the worst way in my whole past year! Imagine having spilled a whole bottle of dark black eye-liner on the floor and having to mop it just after you've had a nice long shower- well you get the picture!! Added to the feeling of having to go to work after a break of five days. As if lethargy had been bottled and sold as a de-energizing drink, and I've had a nice long sip. But as the day progressed, I could feel that I was flowing in quite well. Sure here and there things were happening out of place, but that's how it is supposed to be. And at…

A Sip From The Cup of Year Gone By

People start a fresh year with new year resolution, but quite contrary to the popular notion of  new resolutions I have started this new year 2019 with memories of the past year... what can I say- it had indeed been the best year of my life!!

The year gone by feels to me as a sapling that has just sprung... quite strangely it also feels like life had been a little jammed in somewhere, which this past year has finally released open and the wheel of life is in full motion.

Being a person who strongly believes in a balanced career and life, 2018 had been a perfect blend of the two. But truth be told the events of life are a lot more interesting and important for me than the events that occurred in career.

Someone once said that it's indeed magical when we find what we have been looking for throughout our life... I'd say it's a "Divine conspiracy" when we find what we have been looking for our whole lives, especially at a point where we had almost given up or were n…

An Anxious Afternoon

Living in the 21st century 'anxiety' is one such term that everyone is well experienced with. Be it about an examination result or a job interview and sometimes even before signing your house rental agreement!! Even though in medical terms anxiety is defined as a 'mental health disorder', I personally feel it is all about a restless mind and worrying heart.

Growing up as a single kid and trying to deal with most of my problems by myself, I had encountered this old friend called 'anxiety' long back during my high school days. But I had also learnt one key aspect about anxiety, no matter how many powerful and effective medications scientific technology comes up with, the best way to deal with it is talking to someone. I strongly believe that family and friends are never far away and that one needs only to stretch out the hand.

I have come across people who have been totally grasped by their anxiety disorders. If seen along these lines, anxiety might seem like an…

Sherlock was Britain's gift to the world, while Bengal gifted Feluda and Byomkesh

While the rest of the world swoons over Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock, two of Bengal’s renowned literary/artistic figures have gifted us with Bengal’s as well as India’s most loved detective characters- Byomkesh Bakshi and Pradosh C Mitter a.k.a Feluda. And these are one of those times when I pride in calling myself a bongo lolona (Bengali woman)
Byomkesh Bakshi was the brainchild of well renowned Bengali writer, Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay. The character first appeared in 1932 in the story called Satyanweshi. On the other hand Feluda was created by the world famous Oscar winning film maker, Satyajit Ray. Feluda first appeared in Feludar Goyendagiri (Danger in Darjeeling) in 1965. Both of these characters have their own versions of Dr. Watson. Ajit is his friend and the chronicler of Byomkesh’s adventures, just like Dr. Watson used to do for Sherlock. Topshe is the young cousin/ assistant to Feluda.
It is a known fact that Satyajit Ray was inspired by Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. …

The Cup Of Retrospection

Some say life is all about moving on forward. But I feel life is a lot about moving forward with a lot of retrospection. Contrary to popular belief that looking back brings in complexities in life, I feel that unless I keep looking back from time to time and analyzing how my life had been ten or fifteen years back I can't keep running!!

Growing up in a bubbly little town and then moving to Kolkata and then moving further away to Bangalore, my life's graph has had equal troughs and crests. Growing up as a single kid, the most common concern a lot of people had about me was if I'd grow up to be a person who doesn't know the words compassion and sharing. But I guess my mum always had it in her to prove the common ideologies wrong (Lord knows she still loves proving people wrong!!)

In the walk of life we come across so many people, grow close to few of them, and some of them stay for life. But most of the times what we forget is that we too fall in the category of "s…

Into The Wild And Amidst The Hills

I have a lot of things to thank God for; in my life. One among those is the fact that I grew up in the northern part of Bengal. I secretly wonder if that's the reason why I love forests and the hills more than I like beaches (P.S. I do not like beaches at all!!)

I remember the school picnics we used to have in and around the forests of my little hometown of Cooch Behar. And my most fond memory was of a trip I went on after my eight grade finals with a friend and her family, in the forests of Jaldapara; the small town of Chalsa and the surrounding hilly regions. Almost eleven years later yesterday, I went on the same trip again... this time with my family!

The morning was chilly and foggy and I was wondering if it would be a nice day for a safari. But the fog thinned out a bit gradually. As I was travelling along the familiar forest terrain, I could recall the last time I was there. Especially the silly songs my friend and I had made as kids. The chirping of the crickets, the sque…

The Homecoming Cup

Though the word "homecoming" has a totally different connotation, I'm borrowing this word to describe a completely different feeling altogether.

Being raised as a Christian, the concept of 'the holiday season' wasn't alien to me. But it wasn't long before I truly felt it. The holiday season is a big fuss everywhere in the world. And why shouldn't it be?! It is the time for family and friends to get together, who otherwise are cooped up in their separate apartments and lives. Everything has become nuclear in its truest sense. Children face-timing with their grandparents, friends and significant others wishing each other on birthdays and holidays over Skype. It's all a virtual reality world now!

As I sit to pack my belongings, ready to fly back to my home in a couple of days, all I can think is nothing can be more comfortable than the hugs of our loved ones... nothing could be more satisfying than the family sitting around the dining table having a…